The 2018 Super Bowl Commercials

The Patriots will face the Eagles in a Super Bowl for a second time this Sunday February 4th and while what happens on the field is of the utmost importance, what happens when the telecast goes to break is a pretty big deal too.

The Super Bowl is not only one of the single biggest sporting event every year, but its massive viewership also makes it one of the biggest marketing opportunities for brands each year. That's why a 30-second television commercial during this year's big game will average over $5 million.

It's no surprise that advertising during the Super Bowl has become somewhat of a competition on its own, since many people who aren't all that interested in the game itself will tune in just for the commercials. Brands will often get the help of celebrities or use other strategies to get people talking about their advertising.

Below are some of the companies and their ad titles that you can expect to see on Super Bowl Sunday.


Bud Light - "The Bud Knight"

Coca-Cola - "The Wonder of Us"

Budweiser - "Stand By You"

Stella Artois - "Taps"

PETA - "Redemption"

M&M's - "Human"

Pringles - "Wow"

Michelob Ultra - "The Perfect Fit"

Tide - "Bradshaw's Locked Out"

Doritos & Mountain Dew - Blaze vs. Ice

Lexus - "Black Panther"

Febreze - "The Only Man Whose Bleep Don't Stink"

Groupon - "Who Wouldn't?"

Amazon - Tom Clancy's "Jack Ryan"

Universal Studios - "Peyton Manning: Vacation Quarterback"

Michelob Ultra - "The Perfect Fit"

Amazon - "Did Alexa Lose Her Voice?"

Avocados From Mexico - "Bubble Dome Riot"

Squarespace - "Make It Happen"

Sprint - "Do the math and switch to Sprint"

Jack in the Box - "Jack vs. Martha"

Pepsi - "This Is The Pepsi"

Kia - "Feel Something Again"

WeatherTech - "American Factory"

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